The following are a selection of tips to help you get the most from your bouquet of flowers
Putting the flowers into a vase

Put the flower food into a clean vase containing luke warm water.
Before you put your flowers into the vase, make sure that you cut the stems at an angle. Depending on the size of the vase, cut off any leaves that will be below the water level - this prevents the leaves decaying in the water and contaminating it.

To make your flowers longer lasting...

Regularaly top up the water level, and change the water after a week.
Try and keep the flowers away from draughty places, and in a cool room. In a warm room the flowers wont last as long.
Avoid metal containers or vases as it can hinder the performance of the flower food.

How to care for...

Carnations will usually be sent out in bud, so they're ready to open when you receive them giving you the most amount of pleasure from the carnations. Keep them in a cool room.

When any flowers appear to be dyin or are dead, remove them to encourage continual flowering. Always keep the vase topped up with clean water, as Freesias are very thirsty flowers!

As with Carnations, Lilies are usually sent out in bud, ready to open when you receive them.
Longiflorum Lilies are very tall, and are best kept in tall vase with a wide head. If you put them in a short vase they are likely to droop and bend. To maintain upmost freshness, trim the stems every 5 days.
The pollen from a Lily can stain many things including your clothes and furniture. The best way to try and avoid this is by removing the stamens when they start to open. This will be before the pollen has developed in the Lily. If you don't do this and you get some pollen on any surfaces never wet or rub it. The best solution is to hoover or use a piece of sticky tape.

Mixed bouquets
To give mixed bouquets the best start, you should stand them in deep water for a few hours before you arrange them in a vase. A bucket is useful for this.

Roses are delicate flowers, so when we send them by post we recommend the following to perk them up to their natural beauty.
Have your vase ready, with the water and flower food already added. Re cut the roses at an angle, then stand the roses in one inch of boiling water for 30 seconds, remove and place into your prepared vase. This will minimise the amount that the Rose heads droop.

Oriental Orchids (cut Dendrobium Orchid flowers)
In order to keep these beautiful flowers at their best, make sure you follow these guidelines.
If the Orchids are a little wilted when they arrive, put the whole Orchid spray into cool tap water for no longer than 15 minutes. When taking them out, be extra careful with them, and trim up to 1/2 inch off the stems at an angle and place the flowers in a clean vase of water with flower food added. Contrary to most other bouquets, these tropical flowers like to be kept warm in temperatures of 10C/50F and above. Do not expose to extreme cold. Faded flowers on the bottom of the stem can be removed to encourage upper buds to open. Remember to top up water daily, and finally...enjoy!