Flowers between £15 and £25
A vibrant & uplifting bouquet of bright yellow, white and lime green Chrysanthemums accompanied by red Carnations and purple Trachelium. This is sure to brighten someone’s day. Free chocolates and free UK delivery.
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Phalaenopsis Orchid
An elegant twin stem Phalaenopsis Orchid. This stylish plant displays multiple flower heads which resemble moths or butterflies. The Phalaenopsis Orchid makes an instant impact.
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A beautiful bouquet with Yellow, Lime and Orange Chrysanthemums with Orange Gerbera, Yellow Solidago and bear grass. Free UK delivery and Free chocolates.
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This wonderful evergreen vine plant displays white clusters of star shaped flowers against a backdrop of deep green leaves. Also know as 'Madagascar Jasmine' the waxy white flowers on this beautiful plant are the most fragrant of all flowering houseplants
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12 Mixed Roses
A dozen mixed colour roses for instant impact. Price includes free chocolates and free UK delivery.
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Butterfly Bouquet
A combination of two favourites in one gift: 15 mixed colour long-lasting Carnations, 10 fragrant long-stemmed Freesias plus a 100g box of milk chocolate butterflies with soft caramel centres.
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Sharon's Bouquet
Designed by Sharon in our production team, featuring red Roses, Freesias and Carnations, sunny yellow Asiatic Lilies and Solidago with Leucadendron and Ruscus interspersed throughout.
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Summer Basket
A charming arched wicker basket brimming with beautiful long-lasting plants.
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Dutch Roses
12 stems of beautiful pink Dutch roses. With cream bodies and vibrant Cerise edges these feminine roses really are stunning, making the perfect gift for your loved one.
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Pink Scentsation
A stunning bouquet of wonderfully fragrant oriental lilies, the star feature among soft pink carnations. Price includes free UK delivery and free chocolates!
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Jeanette's Bouquet
Designed by Jeanette in our production team, this lovely new bouquet features fragrant lilac Freesia, yellow Roses, long lasting white Carnations and eye-catching purple Trachelium.
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Marilyn's Bouquet
Designed by Marilyn in our production team this long lasting bouquet displays orange Roses and Carnations, fragrant white Freesia and orange and white spray carnations with deep green ruscus throughout.
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Oriental Orchids
An exotic bouquet of 10 long stemmed Dendrobium orchids with free UK delivery and free chocolates! Can last up to ten weeks!
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Fragrant Freesias
20 sweet-smelling long-stemmed Dutch Freesia in mixed colours with free UK delivery and free chocolates.
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Asiatic Lilies
A fabulous bouquet of 6 stems of scented Asiatic Lilies in Orange, Yellow & White. Each stem contains at least 4 lily heads, giving at least 24 flowering heads. Free chocolates & free UK delivery.
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20 Classic Carnations
20 Single long lasting mixed colour Carnations with greenery. Free UK delivery and Free chocolates.
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Peace Lily
Popular house plant with cream sail-like flowers which stand out against glossy deep green leaves. Free UK delivery.
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Rose Plant
A traditional favourite, this elegant miniature rose plant will add charm to any room and once it has stopped flowering can be planted in the garden, where it will flower for many years to come.
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