Bouquets containing Freesias
Sharon's Bouquet
Designed by Sharon in our production team, featuring red Roses, Freesias and Carnations, sunny yellow Asiatic Lilies and Solidago with Leucadendron and Ruscus interspersed throughout.
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Jeanette's Bouquet
Designed by Jeanette in our production team, this lovely new bouquet features fragrant lilac Freesia, yellow Roses, long lasting white Carnations and eye-catching purple Trachelium.
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Marilyn's Bouquet
Designed by Marilyn in our production team this long lasting bouquet displays orange Roses and Carnations, fragrant white Freesia and orange and white spray carnations with deep green ruscus throughout.
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Fragrant Confetti
A colouful mix of eight long stemmed Carnations in mixed colour and five all Yellow fragrant Freesias completed with Gypsophila.
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Butterfly Bouquet
A combination of two favourites in one gift: 15 mixed colour long-lasting Carnations, 10 fragrant long-stemmed Freesias plus a 100g box of milk chocolate butterflies with soft caramel centres.
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Fragrant Freesias
20 sweet-smelling long-stemmed Dutch Freesia in mixed colours with free UK delivery and free chocolates.
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